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Janie The Mod Way to Move Since 1962.

Have you ever been at a dinner party and notice a stain on your clothes? 

We have, and sometimes it can be quite embarrassing.  That’s why the Janie Brand was created.  Although Janie products have been around for some time, we have rebranded and reborn Janie into a vintage, mod, mid-century aesthetic that you will love.  With the handy size of the Janie Stick, you can fight stains from anywhere and avoid the dinner party embarrassment! 

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Some of our Slogans used over the past 70 years!

The Mod way to Move a Stain

The Mod Way to Remove a Stain

The Modern Way to Remove an Oily stain.


Break-up with Oily Stains

Break-up with that Mystery Stain!


Stick-it to Stains with the Original Janie Dry Stick.


The in a clutch - clutch stain buster 


The original convenient - concealable stain remover


Janie's super fab stain remover

Janie's super fabulous oily stain remover


The up and out upholstery stain remover

The up and out mystery stain remover


Like it was ever there...


Janie® and Janie Dry Stick® is part of the HBi Collective family of products click here to learn more about 98 years and collective offering.